Race Results

Inchydoney Strand Harness Races - Sunday 14th May 2017

Race Number: 1     Grade G & G1 PACE     Post Time: 12:45pm
1PANAM COLTKelleher BrosM. KelleherL. Kelleher€ 250
2IB COYOTEBill Donovan & IB StablesT. MurphyD. Murphy€ 100
3GET ROCKINJ. PayneJ. Manning JnrM. Payne€ 50
-SEE YOU LATERS. CrowleyJ. O' ReillyJ. O' Reilly
-I TOLD YOU SOL. O' ReganL. O' ReganM. O' Reilly
-SHANES INCOMED. McCarthyD. McCarthyD. McCarthy
Race Number: 2     GRADE F & E PACE     Post Time: 13:10pm
1KING WILLS ARRIVALF. Quill SnrF. Quill SnrF. Quill Jnr€ 250
2LYONS STALLONEO' Reilly / O' DriscollC. O' ReillyC. O' Reilly€ 100
3FAIRDAYS BRETJ. ShanahanJ. ShanahanM. Kelleher€ 50
-ON THE OTHER SIDED. McCarthyD. McCarthyD. McCarthy
-MOORESIDE CHARLEYS. KaneJ. O' MahonyJ. O' Mahony
Race Number: 3     Grade D & C PACE     Post Time: 13:35pm
1WESTERN DREAMERP.J. ClearyP.J. ClearyS. Quill€ 250
2RHYDS HEARTBEATA & M HurleyT. MurphyD. Murphy€ 100
3BRYWINS PICASSOO' Farrell & Kelleher BrosM. KelleherM. Kelleher€ 50
-THE HITMANJ. HillJ. HillJ. Hill
N\RRHYDS PANACHEC. O' ReillyC. O' ReillyC. O' Reilly
Race Number: 4     LE TROT Grade F / E / D & C      Post Time: 14:00pm
1CUPIDON DE BRETEILJ. ShanahanJ. ShanahanM. O' Reilly€ 675
2TARNAO JOSSELYNF. Quill SnrF. Quill SnrS. Quill€ 325
3BRUTENORP. HillP. HillP. Hill€ 250
4SILVANO BELLOInishford SyndicateT. MurphyD. Murphy€ 150
5BLANPAIN LE FOLM. O' DonovanM. O' DonovanM. O' Donovan€ 100
6ADAGIO DU CEBEKelleher Bros.M. KelleherM. Kelleher€ 50
7VA REINE DU PONTF. Quill SnrF. Quill SnrF. Quill Jnr€ 50
Race Number: 5     Grade B & A PACE     Post Time: 14:25pm
1MEADOWBRANCH DEMONKelleher Bros.M. KelleherM. Kelleher€ 250
2RHYDS DESTINYShanahan / MycockJ. ShanahanL. Kelleher€ 100
3WELLFIELD GHOSTJ. Manning JnrJ. Manning JnrJ. Manning€ 50
-CAMDEN CORLEONEO'Reilly & HurleyT. O' ReillyT. O' Reilly
-IB MOHICANF. Quill SnrF. Quill SnrS. Quill
-CRUISE HOWARDC. O' BrienJ. O' MahonyT. O' Leary

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