Race Results

Lissangle Caheragh Harness Races - Sunday 14th June 2015.

QUALIFER 1      Post Time: 2.30PM      Gate 1-4
-LILY ALLENJ. BoyleJ. BoyleJ. Boyle
-AWESOME DUDEF. QuillT. MurphyS. Quill
-PAN CAM KOLTKelleher Bros.M. KelleherM. Kelleher
N/RPAN AM RUBYP. HillP. HillP. Hill
QUALIFER 2      Post Time: 2.45PM      Gate 1-4
-HEATHER BREEZES. JenningsS. JenningsS. Jennings
-ON THE OTHER SIDED. Mc CarthyD. Mc CarthyD. Mc Carthy
-IB CYMRUIB StablesT. MurphyT. Murphy
-LAKEVIEW ROMEOJ. ShanahanJ. ShanahanM. Kelleher
Race Number: 1      Race Class: GRADE G/F HANDICAP      Race Time: 2:49.5      Pace: 2¾ Laps
1BEAUTYS HARMONYF. HurleyJ. O’ ReillyJ. O’ Reilly€ 270
2RINGO LADYS.&T. O’ ReillyT. O’ ReillyT. O’ Reilly€ 80
3LUBBERACHIEL. O’ BrienJ. O’ ReillyM. O’ Reilly€ 50
4BRIBE THE JUDGEC. MurphyJ. ManningJ. Manning Jnr
-SUNNYSIDE JET ONEN. ForbesN. ForbesN. Forbes
-SPLASH THE CASHJ. O’ SullivanM. GogginM. Goggin
Race Number: 2      Race Class: GRADE F FFA      Race Time: 2:45.6      Pace: 2¾ Laps
1SAUNDERS PICASSOM. Goggin Jnr.M. GogginM. Goggin Jnr.€ 270
2HILLSIDE DARTAGNANPete HillP. HillP. Hill€ 80
3SUMPREME SUNSHINEJ. BoyleJ. BoyleJ. Boyle€ 50
4MEADOWBRANCH KIKIKelleher Bros.M. KelleherM. Kelleher
-CRUISE HOWARDC. O’ BrienJ. O’ MahonyT. O’ Leary
-RHYDS COBBLERM. HealyM. HealyM. Healy
-SPRINGHILL JOSEPHD. O’ CallaghanD. O’ Callaghan
Race Number: 3      Race Class: GRADE E FFA      Race Time: 2:45.6      Pace: 2¾ Laps
1TALENTED MANK. ConnollyK. ConnollyK. Connolly€ 270
2LITTLE BENJIOD. O’ CallaghanD. O’ CallaghanM. Goggin Jnr€ 80
3MY LIGHTNING BLUEJ. O’ LearyJ. O’ LearyM. O’ Brien€ 50
4TYSON HOWARDN. ForbesN. ForbesN. Forbes
-IMMORTAL MOJOEachway RCD. O’ ReillyD. O’ Reilly
FLANESIDE LUCKYP. ManningP. ManningP. Manning
Race Number: 4      Race Class: GRADE D FFA      Race Time: 2:45.2      Pace: 2¾ Laps
1LYONS STALLONEO’Reilly/O’DriscollC. O’ ReillyC. O’ Reilly€ 270
2LLYWNS ALLSTARP. ManningP. ManningM. O' Brien€ 80
3BEST TALENTS. JenningsS. JenningsS. Jennings€ 50
4COMPLY OR DIEA & M. HurleyT. MurphyD. Murphy
-RED JASPERB. TwomeyB. TwomeyM. O' Reilly
-IB RAPIDOF. QuillF. QuillS. Quill
-SCORPIONJ. O’ MahonyJ. O’ MahonyT. O’ Leary
Race Number: 5      Race Class: GRADE C/D/E Saddle      Race Time: 2:47      Pace: 2¾ Laps
1RINGO KIDF. BrickleyF. BrickleyS. Brickley€ 160
2MEADOWBRANCH RAPPOSTJ FarrellV. HealyL. Kelleher€ 120
3SKY SECURITYM. DugganM. DugganK. Duggan€ 80
4DON’T PUSH MEJ. O’ ReillyJ. O’ ReillyJ. O’ Reilly€ 40
-MYROSS SONMc Carthy/TwomeyK. Mc CarthyS. Twomey
-VYRNWY TERRORJ. O’ LearyJ. O’ LearyK. O’ Leary
N/RWELLFIELD DAMIENH. BennettH. BennettJ. Hurley
Race Number: 6      Race Class: GRADE D/E HANDICAP      Race Time: 2:47.5      Pace: 2¾ Laps
1MR SECURITYM. O’ DonovanM. O’ DonovanM. O’ Donovan€ 270
2KEYSTONE WINGMANF. QuillF. QuillS. Quill€ 80
3HELL BOYM. O’ BrienM. O’ BrienM. O’ Brien€ 50
4ROKOCOKOM. DugganM. DugganM. Duggan
-SAUNDERS PARISM. GogginM. GogginM. Goggin
-TIMS SURPRISET. O’ LearyT. O’ LearyT. O’ Leary
Race Number: 7      Race Class: Trotteur Francais      Grade A to E Handicap Reduced By 40 Yards                Race Time: 3:54.3                Pace: 3¾ LAPS
1SILVANO BELLOInisford Syn.T. MurphyT. Murphy€ 600
2VOLCAN EREMKelleher Bros.M. KelleherM. Kelleher€ 300
3ROCKY ATOUTM. GogginM. GogginM. Goggin€ 250
4SOCRATE DU NOYERF&S BrickleyF. BrickleyF. Brickley€ 150
DISQROMEO TRICASTINC. BrickleyC. BrickleyC. Brickley
Race Number: 8      Race Class: GRADE D,C,A      Race Time: 2:43.7      Pace: 3 Laps
1SPRINGHILL JAZL. HansonJ. ManningJ. Manning€ 270
2RED MISCHIEFD. O’ SullivanK. SheehyK. Sheehy€ 80
3HAIL SPARACTUSPete HillP. HillP. Hill€ 50
-IB MAXIMUSIB StablesT. MurphyT. Murphy
-MEADOWLANDS TOMD. Mc CarthyD. Mc CarthyD. Mc Carthy
-RINGO STARF. BrickleyF. BrickleyD. Brickley
-OAKWOOD DIAMONDS. JenningsS. JenningsS. Jennings