Race Results

Ballabuidhe Harness Race Results - Monday 7th August 2017

Race Number: 1     LE TROT 3 YR OLD SERIES      Post Time: 14:30pm
1ECRIN DE BUSSIERESO Mahony, Crowley & O BrienJ. O' MahonyS. Kane€ 425
2EBENE DES BROUETSP. ManningP. ManningP. Manning€ 200
P\UEXTASE DES EPINESKelleher Bros.M. Kelleher.M. Kelleher
Race Number: 2     TROT GRADE F, E & C    
D\HVA REINE DU PONTF. Quill SnrF. Quill SnrS. Quill€ 400
D\HVAILLANT FORGIONO' Sullivan & GogginM. Goggin JrM. Goggin Jr€ 400
3TARNAO JOSSELYNF. Quill SnrF. Quill SnrF. Quill Jnr€ 150
DISQUN BOSSJ. O' MahonyJ. O' MahonyJ. O' Mahony
Race Number: 3     PACE GRADE G PACE    
1HURRY UP ABIJ. Manning JrJ. Manning JrJ Manning Jr€ 300
2SUNNYSIDE UNIQUES. BuckleyT. MurphyD. Murphy€ 120
3BEST OF CLASSD. O' SullivanB. RocheP. Manning€ 80
-FAME EARNEDO' Mahony \ O' BrienJ. O' MahonyT. O' Leary
N\RPAN CAM WIZARDKelleher BrosM. KelleherL. Kelleher
Race Number: 4     PACE GRADE G \ G1 Pace: 
1BALLYHILL JIMMYW.J. CookeG. CookeD Mc Carthy€ 300
2MEADOWBRANCH MATTO Farrell \ HealyM. KelleherL. Kelleher€ 120
3HILLSIDE MUSTANGCuigear RacingCuigear RacingK Sheehy€ 80
-SHOW ME THE STARSP. ManningP. ManningP. Manning
N\RROCK SHOWP. CarberryJ. HurleyJ. Hurley
Race Number: 5    Paddy Connolly Memorial Handicap Pace Final 
1BRYWINS PICASSOO Farrell & Kelleher BrosM. KelleherL. Kelleher€ 450
2THE HITMANJ. HillJ. HillM. Goggin Jr€ 250
3RINGO LADYS. & T. O' ReillyT. O' ReillyT. O' Reilly€ 150
-LAKEVIEW PANAMJ. HurleyJ. HurleyJ. Hurley€ 50
-PANAM COLTKelleher Bros.M. KelleherM. Kelleher€ 50
-SAUNDERS JUBILEEM. ShanahanM. ShanahanJ Manning Jr€ 50
Race Number: 6     Grand Prix Handicap Pace Final 
1LLWYNS ALL STARM. O' BrienM. O' BrienM. O' Brien€ 550
2CRUISE HOWARDC. O' BrienJ. O' MahonyT. O' Leary€ 300
3KESTRELS DOT SAMMYK. SheehyK. SheehyK. Sheehy€ 200
-SUNNYSIDE KILDARES. BuckleyT. MurphyD. Murphy€ 50
-HAIL SPARACTUSP. HillP. HillL. Kelleher€ 50
-WELLFIELD GHOSTJ. Manning JrJ. Manning JrJ Manning Jr€ 50

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