Skibbereen Road Trotting Races Entries.

Skibbereen Road Trotting Races - Sunday, 31st January 2016.

All members highlighted in Red must pay their development fund money before they are allowed to race. Anyone who has set up a Direct Debit since Drimoleague Races needs to provide proof of same.

Race Number: 1     Race Class: Novice      Post Time: 2:00pm
1Big JimG. KaneJ. O' Mahony T. O' Leary
2Hillside MustangP. HillP. Hill D. Goggin
3Lakeview Romeo M. KelleherM. KelleherM. Moloney
4The Hatchet Lady N. ForbesN. ForbesM. O' Reilly
Race Number: 2      Race Class: Grade B      Post Time:
1Maithi BuachaillP. Kane JnrJ. Shanahan D. Brickley
2MountainDew Lad N. ForbesN. Forbes T. O' Leary
3Sky Security D. Mc CarthyD. Mc CarthyA. Mc Carthy
Race Number: 3      Race Class: Grade C      Post Time:
1Easter LillyC. CaverlyC. Caverly D. Brickley
2Hilton SprinterJ. HurleyJ. HurleyJ. Hurley
3Meadowlands Tom D. Mc CarthyD. Mc CarthyA. Mc Carthy
4Rhyds Artist L. O' BrienL. O' BrienM. Moloney
5Rhyds Ponder N. ForbesN. Forbes D. Goggin
6 Une De RiouxG. KaneJ. O' Mahony T. O' Leary
Race Number: 4     Race Class: Grade E      Post Time:
1Hakuna MatataC. O' ReillyC. O' Reilly M. Aherne
2Hillside Dartagnan C. O' Sullivan M. Goggin Jnr D. Goggin
3I.B. RapidoA. Buckley / S. BuckleyS. Buckley T. O' Leary
4Lailas Boy J. O' MahonyM. Goggin Jnr M Goggin Jnr
5RokocokoJ. CullinaneJ. CullinaneJ. O' Reilly
Race Number: 5     Race Class: Grade D      Post Time:
1Little Benjio D. O' Callaghan D. O' Callaghan M Goggin Jnr
2 Lakeview All Star G. Hegarty J. Hurley J. Hurley
3Meadowbranch KikiShanahan / BrickleyJ. Shanahan D. Brickley
4Tactician Du LysG. KaneJ. O' Mahony T. O' Leary
5Talavary SongsterJ. O' Sullivan M. Goggin Jnr D. Goggin
6Toys For Boys N. ForbesN. ForbesJ. O' Reilly
Race Number: 6      Race Class: Grade A      Post Time:
1Conway Tiger D. GogginM. Goggin Jnr D. Goggin
2DreamMakerShanahan/MycockJ. Shanahan D. Brickley
3Lakeside Dragon M. AherneM. Aherne M. Aherne
4Rhyds TrixsterDeasy/Hurley/KeohaneJ. HurleyJ. O' Reilly