Drimoleague Road Trotting Races Entries

Drimoleague Road Trotting Races - Saturday, 26th December 2015.

Please note the following:

Members highlighted in Blue have agreed to bring proof that a Direct Debit Mandate is set up to the ITHRF Development fund or have agreed to pay a cash contribution on the morning of the races. Failure to do, will result in members not being able to compete. Members of the executive will be available from 12:30 at the caravan on the 26th of December to receive information.

Members highlighted in RED need to make arrangements to pay their ITHRF Development Fund. Failure to do, will result in these members not being able to complete. If you require any assistance contact Donal Murphy or Michéal Duggan.

Race Number: 1     Race Class: Novice      Post Time: 2.00PM
1Big JimG. KaneJ. O' MahonyT. O' Leary
2Lailas BoyJ. O' MahonyM. GogginM Goggin Jnr
3Lakeview RomeoM. KelleherM. KelleherM. Moloney
4The Hatchet LadyN. ForbesN. ForbesM. O' Reilly
5Hillside DartagnanC. O' Sullivan M. GogginD. Goggin
Race Number: 2     Race Class: Grade E      Post Time:
1Hakuna MatatoC. O' ReillyC. O' ReillyM. Aherne
2I.B. RapidoA Buckley/S. BuckleyS. BuckleyT. O' Leary
3Lakeview All StarG. HegartyJ. HurleyD. Goggin
4RokocokoJ. CullinaneJ. CullinaneJ. O' Reilly
Race Number: 3     Race Class: Grade D      Post Time:
1Coalford Sharp CatR. JoyceR. JoyceM. O' Reilly
2Little BenjioD. O' CallaghanD. O' CallaghanM Goggin Jnr
3Meadowbranch RapposO' Farrell/HealyV. HealyJ. Healy
4Tactician Du LysG. KaneJ. O' MahonyT. O' Leary
5Talavary SongsterJ. O' SullivanM. GogginD. Goggin
6Toys For BoysN. ForbesN. ForbesJ. O' Reilly
7Meadowbranch KiwiKelleher BrothersM. KelleherD. Brickley
Race Number: 4      Race Class: Grade C      Post Time:
1Easter LillyC. CaverlyC. CaverlyD. Brickley
2Hilton SprinterJ. HurleyJ. HurleyT. O' Leary
3Lakeview WalterR. JoyceR. JoyceM. O' Reilly
4Master HillJ. ManningJ. ManningJ. O' Reilly
5Rhyds PonderN. ForbesN. ForbesD. Goggin
6Rhyds ArtistL. O' BrienL. O' BrienM. Moloney
Race Number: 5      Race Class: Grade B      Post Time:
1Maithi BuachaillP. Kane JnrJ. ShanahanD. Brickley
2Meadowlands FalconJ. O' MahonyJ. O' MahonyT. O' Leary
3Rhyds TrixsterDeasy/Hurley/KeohaneJ. HurleyJ. O' Reilly
4Sky SecurityD. Mc CarthyD. Mc CarthyM. Aherne
Race Number: 6      Race Class: Grade A      Post Time:
1Conway TigerD. GogginD. GogginD. Goggin
2DreamMakerShanahan/MycockJ. ShanahanD. Brickley
3MountainDew LadN. ForbesN. ForbesT. O' Leary
4Styx ThunderO' Reilly/HurleyJ. O' ReillyJ. O' Reilly