Report from Executive meeting: 2/11/2016

Posted on 11th November 2016

Report from Executive meeting, 2/11/2016

Venue: Olympic Tavern, Ballineen

  • Minutes of previous meeting read & adopted.
  • Road closures discussed.
  • Report from horseowners meeting discussed.
  • Motions for AGM discussed - options to include race framing if insufficient runners grade a/b, balancing number of runners over grades a/b/c/d, ballotting options, combining races, grading system etc.
  • Chairman informed meeting treasurer had finally compiled all accounts necessary to forward to accountant for AGM report.
  • Outstanding prizemoney distribution to commence as Le Trot & ITHRF money received however bank details awaited from several members (these must include address & bank address). Credit Union details also acceptable for payment.
  • AGM date set for Friday, 2/12/16, venue Village Inn Enniskeane @7 pm. Motions & proposals must be signed and submitted before 25/11/16.
  • Awards night - this will now take place on Sunday 20/11/16 at the Village Inn Enniskeane @ 9pm. Award winners to be notified.
  • Chairman informed meeting of developments at national level - New rule book being compiled, formation of welfare committee, importation of in-foal mares & 2 year old trotters subsidised by Le Trot with prizemoney increasing in 2017.
  • Economic review to be on minister Creed's desk by mid-janurary 2017, Le Trot announcement of PMU meeting on wednesday 10th of May 2017 to include 5 Le Trot races broadcast & bet on across France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland & several African countries. It is also hoped to arrange broadcast in Ireland, UK & Australia with 3% return to IHRA.
  • October draw results confirmed with November draw taking place on wednesday 23/11/16, venue Beehive bar Connonagh. Tickets to be returned to Angela / Connie by sunday 20/11/16. Members who failed to make returns recorded as outstanding.
  • The following members are not going for re-election to Executive, Martin O' Brien, Tim O' Donovan, Denis O' Reilly, James Levis & Connie O' Sullivan.

Report from Executive meeting: 19/09/2016

Posted on 28th September 2016

Report from Executive meeting, 19/09/2016

Venue: Joe Mc Carthys Bar, Ballygurteen

  • Chairman raised matters that arose at Red John memorial race fixture.
    • Wrong numbers given for Red John final - Chairman stated he believed it to be down to human error, after discussion secretary accepted she had made mistake.
    • Re horse going inside inner demarcation markers, chairman read revelant rule (m29) and apologised for not consulting with ground judges before race result called.
  • Chairman reported on meeting with road committees held the previous Friday night.
  • Issues discussed:
    • Entry fees, Prizemoney & distribution.
    • One registeration to cover road & field per horse.
    • Changes to Grading system.
    • Council proposals re road closures.
  • Positive outcome from committees but also raised the question of number of runners as it is a heavy workload and expensive to hold a road meet as compared to field meet.
  • Road Committees for forthcoming season:
    • Drimoleague.
    • Durrus.
    • Ballygurteen.
    • Skibbereen.
    • Dunmanway.
    • skibbereen.
    • Old Chapel, Bandon.
    • Ownahincha.
    • Colomane.
    • Ballydehob.
    • Inchydoney Strand.
  • Other fixtures will also be welcome.
  • Option to purchase group of Le Trot horses discussed.
  • Approach to Dublin horseowners to encourage entries/lease or purchase of horses.
  • Chairman stated his belief a core of 50+ horses needed to sustain ten or more race fixtures and that failure to obtain this will lead to demise of road racing which would have devestating consequences for future of ITHRF racing in this region.
  • Decided to call EGM to inform members of issues discussed, date Friday 23rd of September @ 8:30pm, venue Parkway Hotel, Dunmanway.
  • Membership list to be placed on website.
  • All accounts to be sent to James Levis.
  • AGM to be held asap.
  • Monthly ITHRF 300 confined members draw to be held in the Paragon Bar, Skibbereen, Wednesday 28th of September.

Report from Executive meeting: 15/06/2016

Posted on 16th June 2016

Report from Executive meeting, 15/06/2016

Venue: May Deane Bar, Drimoleague

  • Minutes of previous meeting read and adopted.
  • Chairman informed the meeting of recent threats of legal action against indiviaduls and the federation, this was found to be unacceptable behaviour and condemmed by the members present.
  • Lenghty discussion on saddle racing.
    • Grades a/b/c/d/e/novice with any combination of three consecutive grades allowed.
    • €50 entry fee for all saddle races.
    • Prizemoney divided 40/30/20/10.
    • If six or more runners €500 prizemoney.
    • If less than six runners €300 prizemoney.
  • George Deane race card agreed.
  • Drimoleague races in aid of the Ricky Barrett charity fund and members are requested to support.
  • Drimoleague preferred handicaps in lines, no saddle race or exercising under saddle on safety grounds.
  • Paddock steward to be obeyed or fines will be issued.
  • When exercising on track drivers on slow work must keep to outside to allow those on fast work use of inside track.
  • Horseowners bringing stowaways to races will have their entries refused.
  • Chairman thanked all who attended Dundalk and congratulated the winners and placed horses, 3 winners, 2 seconds, 1 third and 1 fourth.
  • Chairman thanked all who attended Clonakilty show demonstration and read letter of disapproval from IHRA member re this event.
  • Future race meetings discussed.
  • "Red John" meeting arrangements progressing.
  • Ballineen trophies to be returned at drimoleague.
  • Question raised as to how a horse appeared on Lissangle programme that wasn't entred, Chairman produced list as supplied from online system where horse was included, issue to be further examined.
  • Entries with grades will be put on website so owners can check for errors before races are framed.
  • Issue raised re exercising time before races.
  • Agreed break after qualifiers.
  • Races are finishing too early - should be run to race card times.
  • As all horses are presently qualified there is no need for further qualifiers.

Report from Executive meeting: 10/05/2016

Posted on 11th May 2016

Report from Executive meeting, 10/05/2016

Venue: Joe Mc Carthys Bar, Ballygurteen

  • Minutes of previous meeting read and adopted.
  • Chairman welcomed new member Denis O' Reilly
  • Denis gave update on confined draw with first month deemed very successful & thanked all for support.
  • All tickets for next draw to be returned at least one week before draw.
  • Other fundraising ideas discussed.
  • Chairman gave update on disciplinary panel meeting investigating issues surrounding grade c/d, golden mile races at Ballydehob.
  • Passport owners name must match racecard.
  • Horse owners reminded that passports must be available for inspection at all race meetings (not just qualifiers).
  • Entries now on line for all races.
  • Letter of application from Sean O' Reilly read and accepted.
  • Saddle racing discussed at length.
    • System is grade A/B/C/D/E & Novice.
    • Grade D/E & Novice can be combined
    • Also Grade A/B/C.
    • Grade C horse can run with D/E/Novice but will be handicapped 30 YDS
    • Grade D can run with A/B/C but will not receive any advantage
  • These changes are for a trial period to encourage more saddle races.
  • Membership for Owners/Trainers/Drivers/Jockeys/Judges/Safety Officers/Starters/Handlers and Non Participating members is now due and must be paid before racing.
  • Owners/Trainers/Drivers/Jockeys to be cross checked against membership list.
  • Report from horseowners meeting -- starting gates to be examined and altered as needed.
  • A meeting for Road Committees to be held in june.
  • Meeting to prepare for Inchadoney to be held Thursday 19th May.
  • Entries for Sunday 15th May:
    • 21 Pacers.
    • 7 Trotters.
    • 4 Saddle (Entries will also be taken on the day).
    • 13 Qualifiers.
  • Entry fee for races €50 with €500 prize money.
  • Incident at qualifier discussed.
  • Minutes silence held for Youen Jacob, R.I.P.

Report from Executive meeting: 13/04/2016

Posted on 15th April 2016

Report from Executive meeting, 13/04/2016

Venue: May Deanes, Drimoleague

  • Minutes of previous meeting read and adopted.
  • Chairman gave report on Raymond Shannahan legal proceedings. All claims against ITHRF, Ballabuidhe and Martin Brickley withdrawn, (no findings against trotting). Insurance company to make a contribution towards Raymond Shannahans legal costs without any admission of liability. Chairman thanked James Connelly, Jeremiah O' Mahoney and Angela Hurley for attendance at High Court.
  • New rule on Novice saddle confirmed (no points until first win recorded).
  • Red John race day discussed, to be run by a sub committee.
  • ITHRF 300 confined Monthly Lottery to be run by sub committee.
  • Letter from Ballydehob Road committee read and discussed at length - decided to investigate all issues raised, Disciplinary panel appointed for same.
  • Treasurers organising bank accounts for prize-money payment, entries payment etc.
  • Qualifiers to be arranged, horse-owners to contact Violet or Angela ASAP.
  • PROVISIONAL FIELD RACE DATES - Please note dates subject to change.
    • MAY 15th - T.B.C.
    • MAY 22nd - INCHADONEY
    • MAY 29th - MANCH
    • JUNE 5th - LISSANGLE
    • JUNE 12th - CLONAKILTY SHOW ITHRF Demonstration
    • JULY 10th - BALLINEEN
    • JULY 17th - DUNDALK
    • JULY 24th - GLOUN
    • AUGUST 7th - DUNDALK
    • SEPTEMBER 18th - MANCH
  • Horse-owners AGM on THURSDAY the 28th of APRIL @9pm at the VILLAGE INN ENNISKEANE. Lottery draw will also be held that night.
  • Also ITHRF registrations will be taken prior to the AGM from 8pm.
    • Horseowner €100
    • Horse €50 each
    • Juniors €30
    • Non-participating members €30

Report from EGM Meeting: 26/02/2016

Posted on 29th February 2016

Report from EGM Meeting, 26/02/2016

Venue: Parkway Hotel

  • Chairman addressed well attended meeting and gave a brief outline of some of the main developments within the sport.
  • Discussion on Development Plan as decided on at EGM April 2015, chairman suggested collection period for payments be extended to four years to reduce the financial burden. After further discussion and suggestion of running a major fund raising raffle, a proposal to refund all Development Fund monies collected was passed.
  • A general discussion on racing then took place with suggestions of racing for gate and entry receipts minus expenses, charging €100 entry fee.
  • Chairman closed meeting thanking the Development Officers for their efforts over the last fours years but there seemed little to be optimistic about moving forward.

Report from Executive meeting: 12/02/2016

Posted on 13th February 2016

Report from Executive meeting, 12/02/2016

Venue: Drimoleague

  • Minutes of previous meeting read and adopted.
  • Membership for syndicates to be altered as follows:
    • Principal member €100
    • Other members €30 each
  • Lenghty discussion on Development Fund - Outcome - decided to call an EGM. Those opposed to the fund to be encouraged to attend to see what can be agreed so we can all move on together.
  • IHRA roadshow will take place in the PARKWAY HOTEL on Saturday the 20th of February @ 7pm to inform members of ongoing developments and future plans for harness racing. All members are invited to attend.
  • EGM will be held on FRIDAY the 26th of February at the PARKWAY HOTEL @ 9pm.
  • This is a vital meeting and all members are requested to attend.
  • Agenda
    • Development Fund.
    • Future of Racing (Road and Field)
    • AOB.

Report from Executive meeting: 25/01/2016

Posted on 27th January 2016

Report from Executive meeting, 25/01/2016

Venue: Ballygurteen

  • Minutes of previous meeting read and adopted.
  • New members welcomed.
  • AGM discussed. Motions from horseowners meeting to be ratified by executive before future AGM's. Accounts discussed. Motions passed at AGM read, also unsigned letter read and considered as per AGM.
  • Development fund discussed at length, behaviour of a minority of horseowners at Drimoleague Races considered as unwarranted and unacceptable.
  • Remaining Winter season fixture dates:
  • FEB 28th, DURRUS
  • Report on meeting with CORK CO. CO. re road closures discussed (NOEL O' DONOVAN and JOE CARROLL facilitated and attended) final outcome awaited.
  • Report on meeting with JIM DALY TD and NOEL HARRINGTON TD re developments at local and national level.
  • NOEL HARRINGTON asked some very important questions at the DAIL ALL-PARTY COMMITTEE MEETING dealing with the IRISH HORSE INDUSTRY with HRI finally admitting that it prevented the KILLARNEY race fixture taking place.
  • The future of WINTER season discussed as entries continue to decline, race fixtures also in decline. New ideas required to revitalise this important segment of our sport.
  • Fund raising ideas discussed as our Accounts showed a deficit in 2015, suggestions made include: BUSTER Draw (to be run in conjunction with RED JOHN MEMORIAL), RACE NIGHT, TABLE QUIZ, DANCE, RE-INTRODUCTION OF 10% PRIZEMONEY REDUCTION, INCREASE NUMBER OF RUNNERS PER RACE TO 8 WITH E50 ENTRY
  • Presentations to WEST CORK AUTISM and CANCER CONNECT to be organised.
  • Manch track discussed and the Duggan family thanked for their flexible and ever helpful cooperation, (new agreement entered into for 2016).
  • New 3y/o grass c/ship discussed, full details to appear shortly.